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User research for food delivery app with usability tests, metrics, and report.


Conducting evaluative research on the Fastfood application by utilizing usability field tests and collecting quantitative and qualitative performance measures. Analyzing the data and providing a final usability report on the mobile application designed in Figma.

My Role


User Research​Heuristic Evaluation

Comparative Analysis

UX Design


Usability Testing






Mobile app redesign

Usability testing report


11 weeks

UX Roadmap

Created participant sample & list of tasks for participants


Research Design

Analyzed tasks based on rate and ease of completion 


Task Analysis

Overall findings on error prevention, consistency and standards


Key Insights

Tested participants on 6 tasks based on research objectives


User Testing

Compared system usability with industry standards


SUS Analysis

Research Overview


  • Enhance the app's overall food ordering experience with the signup process

  • Increase delivery accuracy through precise geolocation

  • Enable users to place orders in groups

  • Make it easier for people to discover restaurants and food


Allow users to complete the following tasks:

  • Sign up and create an account

  • Provide or set a location for delivery

  • Search & add an item for checkout

  • Delete their accounts

  • Place an order as a group

  • Filter the listing based on their current state of hunger, appetite, or mood

Research Design


Tested participants on 6 tasks based on our research objectives


  • Moderated

  • Online (Zoom)

Data collection 

  • Quantitative

    • Time to complete​

    • Success rate

    • Attempts

    • SUS scores

  • Qualitative

    • Quotes

    • Pathways

    • Observations

Recruitment Screener

Quantitative Measures

Usability Average Task Completion Time

Time (seconds)

Task Usability Rating Analysis

System Usability Scale (SUS)

Findings and Recommendation

Finding #1


Feature onboarding tutorial and run experiments to understand group ordering use cases and redesign feature based on most desired use case

Finding #2


Give users the ability to filter after selecting a restaurant/cuisine

Make filter and sort by icons more perceptible

Finding #3


Redesign the profile page and ensure a consistent hierarchy of elements are present

Ensure all elements are in a list

key Insight

From a business perspective, make deleting the account more difficult and possibly suspend the account for 2 weeks

Main Takeaways

Error Prevention

Confusing features:

  • Participants did not understand and wanted instructions/walkthroughs for group ordering and user profile features​

Security and Privacy

Lack of information about protection:

  • Users were concerned about using “locate me” feature as well as how their payment information would be protected if used in another app

Match between real world and system

Counterintuitive icons:

  • Users showed some confusion regarding the meaning of icons throughout the app

Consistency and Standards

User-approved design:

  • Users found most tasks relatively easy to perform and found the interface similar to delivery apps (and apps in general) they had used before

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