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Prime Flights

Iterative designing of a flight booking mobile application using Agile process.


This project aims to enhance a flight booking app by streamlining the check-in process, and improving user experiences. Using an agile approach with 3 sprints, we've introduced features like hotel recommendations, dark mode, and enhanced device compatibility, addressing user needs and pain points.

My Role


User Research

Visual Design


User Testing






Responsive mobile and tablet design


4 weeks

Problem statement & User flow

User needs to quickly, easily, and efficiently check in for flights including group bookings.  




  • Quick and easy check-in process with previously saved info for speed.

  • Easy COVID vaccine verification and upload with clear instructions.

  • Quick and easy way to send airplane tickets to family members.

  • Ability to check-in easily as a third party.

  • Notification reminders to check-in, in case of missed notifications.

Pain points

  • Unclear check-in instructions.

  • Hidden fees.

  • Access not granted.

  • Lengthy, non-automated process with excessive scrolling/clicks.

  • Inconvenient check-in process when flight is operated by a different airline.


We then designed sketches based on the user flow while keeping the persona's needs and pain points in mind.

High fidelity prototype

The sketches were then converted into high fidelity screens for an iOS mobile application using Figma.

Sign In

Select your flight

Check In

View/Save ticket

Sprint 1

The first update consists of designing screens in the application for Hotel/Car rental booking recommendations.

Sign In

Select your flight

Check In

View/Save ticket

Hotel/Car booking

Sprint 2

The second update consists of incorporating the dark mode feature in the recently updated screens.

Sprint 3

The final update consists of creating a responsive design of the latest application flow for the iPad pro 11" (834x1194).

Sign In

Select your flight

Check In

View/Save ticket

Hotel/Car booking

responsive design for iPad Pro 11" (834x1194)

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